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Top Summer Car Care Tips 2018

Just because the weather is nice, it doesn’t mean it’s nice to your car. While it may seem otherwise, summer weather can be just as hard on cars as winter weather. High summer temperatures can cause damage to your car’s cooling system, tires and battery. It is important to continue to care for your car during the warm months, especially if you’re planning on going on a summer road trip! The following tips will help you keep your car in top condition this summer.

1. Use the Right Tires - Making sure you have the correct tires, and all at the correct tire pressure, is imperative to keep your vehicle running safely! If you had winter tires on your car, you should swap them out for some summer or all-season tires. Using winter tires in the summer can cause the tires to wear out much faster. These tires can also provide greatly decreased traction and handling during summer conditions, which can be very dangerous!

2. Check Tire Pressure & Condition - In addition to using the correct tires, you should ensure that all of the tires are at the correct air pressure and free of any punctures or hazardous materials such as nails. High temperatures can cause tires to overinflate, so it is important to closer monitor tire pressure during the summer. The correct tire pressure for your vehicle can often be found on the inside of the driver-side door or in the vehicle’s manual book.

3. Monitor Coolant System - Keeping cool during the hot months is just as important for our cars as it is for us. Overheating engines is the number one cause for breakdowns during the summer. Making sure coolant fluid levels are correct is always very important, and this is especially true in the summer. High temperatures cause the coolant system to work harder than usual in order to keep the engine from overheating. Make sure to never open a hot radiator cap when checking coolant levels!

4. Check Your Battery - Heat is the number one cause of battery damage and reduced battery life. During the summer, it's important to occasionally test your battery and make sure it's still performing at the level it should be. An unexpected drainage due to heat can leave you stranded!

By following these tips, you should have no problem keeping your vehicle at peak performance level this summer. Make sure that your air conditioning is functioning so that you can keep cool as well!

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7 Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling Abroad

Summer is a great time to take a break and explore the world around you! Just remember these 7 important safety tips while traveling to ensure you have a successful trip you'll remember forever.

When traveling abroad, it is impossible to completely avoid risk. Life is unpredictable, and it often can be even more predictable when exploring a foreign country. Tourists are frequently primary targets for scams, robberies or worse. Even if you’ve planned appropriately, challenging circumstances can occur to anybody at any time. While it may be impossible to avoid these risky situations, there are many ways that one can minimize risk while traveling abroad. The following are pertinent tips to help you manage risk and stay safe in a foreign country!

1. Make Copies of Your Important Documents - Whether it’s a photocopy, scanned file, or photo on your phone, make sure that you backup your most important documents! Documents such as your passport, itinerary, medical insurance card, plane tickets, and credit cards are necessary items to have copies of. If any of these items are stolen or lost while traveling, you are going to want to have the information and a copy on hand!

2. Be Wary of Scams - No matter where you travel, wherever there are tourists there will be scammers. A google search for common travel scams can help you become more aware of what to look out for. Many areas of the world have specific scams that are popular in that area. Research your area before you travel - it may save you hundreds of dollars!

3. Secure Your Valuables - If possible, you should try to avoid traveling with many very valuable possessions. It’s too easy for such things to be lost or stolen while traveling. However, when you have to bring highly valuable items, make sure to lock them up as much as possible! Consider investing in a slash-proof backpack, always keep an eye on your items while on public transportation, and never leave unsecured valuables in a hotel room; use the safe!

4. Dress for the Occasion - To scammers and thieves, tourists are targets. If your clothes clearly mark you as a foreigner, they may also be marking you as a target. Dress conservatively, and try to blend in as well as possible with the local population to avoid drawing unnecessary attention. Additionally, make sure you research appropriate attire for the region you’re visiting. Some countries have strictly enforced dress codes!

5. Be Wary of Pickpockets - In addition to scammers, pickpockets are often highly trained and in abundance at tourist attractions. Avoid using your back pocket while traveling, as it is the first place a pickpocket will check and the easiest to access. Consider investing in a money belt, and always use your front pockets.

6. Project Situational Awareness - Just looking like you know what you’re doing can deter a scammer or thief from marking you as a target. Stay alert at all times, be aware of your surroundings, and be confident. Avoid taking photos of everything you see, as this will mark you as a tourist.

7. Check the State Department Website - The United States Department of State website has a page for every country in the world. These pages list known potential difficulties and threats one may face in these countries. Researching the country you are going to visit in the State Department website can help you avoid running into these issues.

While following these guidelines is not a surefire guarantee that your trip will be problem-free, it will definitely help you mitigate risk and become a safer, more knowledgeable traveler overall.

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Insurance - Holiday Gifts

Going big this Christmas?

If you're planning on giving an pricey gift to a special someone this holiday season, you'll want to consider insuring it. Many gift items will already be covered under your current homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance, but if the item is very expensive, it most likely will require extra coverage.

When giving gifts like engagement rings or other jewelry, valuable paintings or bikes for example, you will definitely want to consider purchasing additional insurance coverage. Very valuable gifts need to be fully insured in the event they are stolen or lost.

First, consider the gift itself and it's total cost. What is your homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance policy deductible? If the item costs less than your deductible, it's probably not necessary to insure it separately.

Next, do you know what your homeowner's policy cap is on valuable item categories?Insurance companies, like Erie, put caps on valuable items that fit into certain categories in order to keep insurance affordable for policy holders. Categories include things such as fine art and jewelry, high-end cameras, firearms, instruments, collectible items, fur clothing and more.

If you've purchased a valuable gift or are planning on it, contact D.E. Cressman to find out what the current cap is on that item category. Together, we can figure out if additional coverage is needed and exactly how much. If the item is added to your policy, it will require an appraisal. This should take place before purchasing, ideally.

It's also a great idea to purchase the gift using a credit card if possible. Many credit card companies offer their own protection policies. After all, the more coverage, the better.

Please contact D.E. Cressman with any questions- Happy Shopping!

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Holiday Safety Tips:

Your car, home and kitchen will see a lot of action in the next couple months. There's nothing better than getting you're whole family together to celebrate the holidays. This time of year is also hectic and stressful, with that in mind here are a few safety tips for the Holiday Season. Feel free to add your own in the comments section below. Start the New Year right and call D.E. Cressman for a free quote. We offer Auto, Home, Life, Commercial, Renters & Mobile Home Insurance!

• "December is the peak time of year for home candle fires. In December, 11% of home candle fires began with decorations compared to 4% the rest of the year." Candles are great holiday decorations, but they should never be left unattended. Read about candle safety here:

• Cooking is a huge part of the holiday tradition for many families. It's important to stay in the kitchen, the ENTIRE time you are frying, grilling or broiling. Keep anything that can catch fire away from the stovetop. This includes wrapping paper, decorations, stockings etc. Read more about kitchen safety here:

• Maybe you're leaving home for the holidays? Don't tip off criminals on the web/social media! Remove any spare keys you stash outside the house and asks a trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye on things. Read the full list of tips on leaving home for the holidays:

• Most Christmas Tree fires are caused by an electrical problem. Don't overload outlets, and inspect any electrical lights or decorations before use. Always share your family fire escape plan with overnight guests. Check out this link for more information on Christmas Trees and Fire Safety.

• If you're traveling by car for the holidays you'll want to have your car inspected before for safety before you leave. Pack a winter safety kit for the car, and stay up to date on weather reports. Click the link below for more driving tips:

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Winter Weather Preperations

Regardless of how you feel about winter, it's fast approaching. Now that fall is officially here, it's the best time to prepare your home and family for the harsher weather to come. Take a look at some of the preparations you may want to make:

• Have your furnace tuned up. Check out this article detailing why you should have professionals clean and check your furnace annually.

• Clean your gutters! This article gives you a how to if it’s your first time:

• Inspect your roof! Winter weather can bring heavy snow. It's best to inspect your roof and make repairs before big weather hits. Stay safe- use binoculars to look for damage, or hire a professional to come inspect it for you.

• Check your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. These are essential for home safety, if you don’t have them install them right away.

• Have you Chimney cleaned! The Chimney Safety Institute of America can help you find someone certified in your area.

• Stock up on winter maintenance items like salt, ice melt, shovels, and car scrapers. You don't want to be caught without in the first winter storm. Check out this article that details the different types of salt you can use.

Preparing your home for winter is the perfect time to get a quote for Homeowners Insurance through D.E. Cressman! Be prepared for anything!

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Fun Fall Activities Throughout the Lehigh Valley

D.E. Cressman Insurance Agency has been serving the Lehigh Valley for over 60 years. We care about providing excellent customer service to our customers all over the Lehigh Valley when it comes to their auto, home, life and commercial insurance. Now that fall is finally upon us, let us guide you to the best fall activities in our area. The Lehigh Valley is full of fun things to do with your family and friends all season long! From Oktoberfest celebrations to Halloween festivities, we know the best places and events for you to enjoy this fall.

• Easton's Annual Garlic Fest has beer, food and all kinds of different games and crafts!

• Check out a Phantoms game at the new PPL Center in Allentown! The link below lists the Phantoms schedule of home games.

• Starting September 18th is Dorney Park's "Haunt." They offer a variety of Halloween themed attractions such as a Chamber of Horros, Trick or Treat and more!

• The Lehigh Valley is home to plenty of orchards to choose from to take your children apple picking! The link below features a number of different places to go for this fun fall activity!

• October 2-4 and 9-11 is the Yuengling Oktoberfest at SteelStacks! In addition to the great selection of food and beer, they have tons of fun activities like beer stein races, music performances and rides!

Enjoy your autumn in the Lehigh Valley and don't forget to contact your neighbors, D.E. Cressman Insurance Agency for all your auto, home, life and commercial insurance needs!

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How to Make the Most of What’s Left of Summer, It’s Not Over Yet!

Amidst all of the back to school ads telling us that summer is over, we are here to assure you that there's still plenty of time to have fun! Take a look at the following links for some ideas on cool events to attend nearby. Whether it be a trip to the shore for the weekend, or a drive up to the mountains, there's plenty to do yet this summer!

• This site contains all kinds of information for those visiting The Poconos and features some fun outdoor activities like zip lining and golfing!

• This article gives information on the Made in America music festival, being held in Philadelphia's Ben Franklin Parkway on Labor Day Weekend.

• This one has information for anyone interested in attending the Atlantic City Air Show, taking place September 2nd!

• For those hanging local, this site features all of the entertainment that will be at this year’s Allentown Fair!

Be safe and take advantage of what's left of summer!

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Vacationing Tips

Summer is a popular time for people to take vacations. Whether you're driving to the beach for a long weekend, taking a cruise to the islands or flying to Europe, all kinds of planning and preparation goes into making a successful trip. Take a look at these different articles to make sure you have everything covered when it comes to your vacation!

• Read this article for tips for your next beach vacation.

• Check out this article for ways to make sure your road trip is hassle-free and as least costly as possible.

• If you plan to go on a cruise, read these tips for how to pack effectively.

• This article features pointers on things you can do to make traveling abroad easier and safer.

Wherever it is that you are going, be sure to take the proper precautions and be prepared in order to have the best time possible. Don't forget to get an insurance quote from D.E. Cressman to help save even more money this summer!

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How to Save Money on Gas

Summer is a popular time for vacations, especially road trips. The extra driving you do over the summer can use up a lot of money if you aren't mindful about saving on gas for your car. View the links below to learn about all the different things you can do to save money on gas and also get the most out of it.

• Check out this article for specific tips on how to drive and when/where to buy gas in order to save money.

• This Forbes article offers savvy ways to save on gas such as buying discounted gas cards!

• This article gives tips from the Consumer Federation of America that can save you 20% on gas costs.

• Read this article for ways to change how you drive and where the best types of places are to get your gas.

Don't waste money when it comes to gas, save that money for your vacation! Also, contact D.E. Cressman for help saving on your insurance!

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How to Save Money on Cooling

Saving money is something that's on everyone's minds. You must be savvy if you use D.E. Cressman for your insurance, because they offer the best rates in the area! Another way to save money this summer is when you're cooling your home. With the hot summer months just around the corner, the need to cool your home is becoming more and more of a necessity. The following articles offer tips on how to efficiently air condition your home and save money in the process.

• This article features simple things you can do around the house that save energy like closing shades and adjusting the thermostat when you aren't around.

• This one has interesting ideas like putting leafy trees around your house to block sunlight from coming in and making your house hotter.

• This article features tips on how to make do with less air conditioning, therefore saving money while still keeping cool.

• Featured in this article are ways to cut out costs and improve your AC system to get more for your money.

• This article lists ways to save money on both central air and window unit cooling systems along with other helpful ways to cut your cooling costs.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to save money while cooling your home this summer. Don't forget to get insurance quotes from D.E. Cressman Insurance Agency, we can help you save money too!

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